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With 2022 Technology, Innovations Of Littering

Design by: Akbar Nugroho

Scientists, you can create human digital twins to gain a better understanding of  complex body systems. Digital versions of humans are created through data generated through various diagnostic tasks. Every few months, a set of new technical phrases and jargon dominates conversations and debates. The pace of change demands that civil society live far more against innovations that will affect their future. 


There will be immersive technology and their metaverse in 2022. Participate in all experiences and activities. Even though augmented reality and virtual reality have grown rapidly with the growth of business applications, many versions and levels have created a comprehensive concept of augmented reality or XR. The computer company HP said: In XR, X also stands for  new technology that enables a higher level and more realistic immersive experience. 

These apply to the so-called Metaverse, the Digital Universe. From a separate pocket with an immersive experience and digital activity, Metaverse can interconnect all digital activities. For example, from online games to medical data to travel planning, a person’s metaverse can be. Each person can also delve into the digital universe of others for  shared experiences. 


PT Plasticpay Teknologi Daurulang is a business unit of the PT Inocycle Technology Group Tbk (INOV), expanding its reach by 2022 by adding 800 PET Bottle Recycle Bins, including 40 Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs). It will be expanded. 

Plasticplay, a digital-based social behavior change platform company, is optimistic about this goal. Since the end of 2021, the company has successfully installed 238 Dropbox points and 7 RVMs in the Jabodetabek area. This move is part of the company’s efforts to accelerate the implementation of the circular economy in Indonesia. The company said the community is now very enthusiastic about participating in the realization of clean Indonesia without plastic waste. 

Inocycle understands the value of reusing used PET bottles. Used bottle collectors help dispose of over 90,000 tonnage of PET bottles from landfills each year. These used bottles collected can be returned to the bottle (like many other products). You helped keep these plastic bottles from becoming a pollution problem. These used PET bottles are too valuable to throw in the trash. 


“With this, we will reach other parts of Indonesia in addition to Jabodetabek, and  by 2022 we will install about 800 trash cans containing PET bottle waste, 40 of which will be installed in the form of digital machines or RVMs. That’s what makes it even bigger, “says Plasticpay. CEO and Director of Inocycle Technology Group. Suhendra Setiadi in a written statement of the company on Monday (March 1, 2022). 

 Suhendra said Plasticpay is actively inviting people to exchange PET bottle waste for points to overcome Indonesia’s waste problem. 

Source: investor.id

Plasticpay also partnered with various stakeholders in 2021. Based on Bank Syariah Indonesia, Danone-Aqua, Le Minerale, Kopi Gadjah, Caffino, 5Days, Milk Life, Sahabat Circulation Universe, Grand Indonesia, Alfamart, Dare to Take Care  the Earth, SheStars.id, Lions Club Indonesia. 


Through this activity, Plasticpay was able to collect up to 22 tonnes of PET bottle waste in 2021. This performance has tripled compared to 2020. Plasticpay will continue its efforts and encourage more stakeholders, including businesses, to cooperate in providing PET bottle waste collection points in the form of Dropbox points and RVM. 


This campaign also opens up Plasticpay opportunities to help businesses implement sustainable CSR programs that meet ESG (environmental, social, and governance) aspects that can be considered in corporate sustainability reports. With the increasing trend of recycling, Plasticpay succeeded in significantly increasing the number of Dropbox points in 2021. 


Last year, Plasticpay had 51 dropbox points, but this year it has almost quintupled to  238 points. As if that weren’t enough, Plasticpay has consistently enhanced its expansion by making more Dropbox points available to make it easier for people to collect PET bottle waste. 


All collected plastic waste is recycled by its parent company,  PT Inocycle Technology Group (INOV). After that, it was converted into an eco-friendly product using MSME in Indonesia. 


“With more Dropbox points next year, Plasticpay will expand its wings further, get the public involved in the disposal of plastic waste, and  the government’s vision for clean plastic waste in Indonesia in 2025. We hope it helps to achieve this,” says Suhendra.


Suhendra said that as a digital platform for  plastic waste management, Plasticpay will provide at least  five solutions to overcome Indonesia’s waste problem. First, Plasticpay is working on developing programs to improve recycling rates and enhance MSME. The second is to reduce the import of plastic waste, which is the raw material for recycling. Second, and third, increase the social and financial impact on the community. 


Fourth, Plasticpay actively provides education and outreach to change people’s behavior regarding waste. And finally, create ethical practices without involving underage workers.

So how was it, Smart People? Doesn’t it intrigue you to come to INOV littering as they have immense work with littering in Indonesia, plus it also pays you for littering and recycling?

Author: Diva Maharani | Illustrator: Akbar Nugroho



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