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The Future of Intelligent Composable Business

Intelligent Composable Business | Source: CHIP

Hello Smart People! When Covid-19 first emerged, companies went into survival mode, struggling to find solutions to the void in their businesses. The result, as you know, was the largest migration to cloud solutions in our history and new business models created in a much more agile environment. One of the many lessons companies learned from the lockdowns was that companies had to change the way they make decisions and create interchangeable foundations. 


The term “composable” encompasses the mindset, technology, and processes that enable organizations to innovate and adapt quickly to changing business needs. A composable business is like a collection of interchangeable building blocks that can be added, rearranged, and discarded as needed; Compare that to an inflexible, monolithic organization that is slow and difficult to develop (e.g. cinder block). By assembling and reassembling various elements, composable companies can react quickly to changes in the market.

A composable business model works with packaged business components as building blocks, and by working together, an organization can adapt to change with ease. The fact that these business capability packages can be reused makes it easier for a company to develop new solutions because they do not have to be built from scratch.

There are several advantages to building a composable business. With composability, products, services and experiences would be created faster, with more agility and efficiency. 

There are three building blocks of composable business: 

  1. Composable Thinking – Combining the principles of modularity, autonomy, orchestration, and discovery with composable thinking can guide your approach to conceptualizing composition and what. 
  2. Composable Enterprise Architecture ensures that a company is flexible and resilient. It’s about structure and purpose. These are structural skills that provide you with mechanisms that you can use in your business architecture. 
  3. Composable technologies are the tools for today and tomorrow, they are the parts and the parts and what connects them all. The four principles are product design goals that determine the properties of the technology that support the concepts of composability.

Intelligent Composable Business (ICB) is changing decision-making by accessing and reacting to data better and more flexibly. The Smart Composable Business will enable the replication of digital business moments, autonomous processes and unique business models / new products, services and channels. Companies that support modular (composable) configurations tend to have many facts. He was able to come up with a modular approach that empowers the business and, depending on internal factors, offers the ability to restructure and prioritize what is needed.

What do you think about composable business Smart People? Can you imagine the world in the future with ICB?

Author: Mia Patricia | Illustrator: Rizky Sabilurrasyid



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