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SpaceFinder app for disabled people launched in Limerick, Ireland

Limerick’s digital strategy opens up new horizons Limerick’s strategic development, especially Working to transform our economy and our physical environment Limerick 2030 Economic and Spatial Space Limerick Plan 2030  Economic and Territory Plan for Limerick. The strategy defines the framework for Digital technical support and activation Adoption of digital transformation principles in the economic, social and physical sphere of Limerick City and County. Limerick’s digital strategy Sustainable Smart Cities Limerick Foundation Regions and Communities”, Limerick, Digital Uses Introducing technology and new ways of working. Empower the community and create better service, Accelerating sustainable social and economic growth Improving the quality of life for everyone. 

This cannot be done by any individual or individual alone. A team, not an organization. can only be achieved through collaboration between communities and institutions. Collaborative leadership is needed to challenge status transformational thinking. New application to help disabled drivers find vacant seats is launching in Limerick, Ireland. 

The SpaceFinder app,  available on Apple and Android, can now detect available space and, for users using Apple CarPlay,  can provide real-time navigation to the nearest available space. Developed by ParkMagic in Limerick, SpaceFinder was supported by the Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland (DDAI). 

Source : www.limerickparking.ie

Limerick City and County Council (LCCC) completes an extensive pilot phase by becoming the first local government to use the app in Ireland. The LCCC Department of Transportation has installed miniature sensors in accessible parking spaces within its downtown business district. Information from these sensors provides the SpaceFinder and Limerick e-Parking apps with real-time updates on the occupancy status of these spaces. 

Limerick City and County Mayor Daniel Butler said:  “We welcome the use of innovative technology to provide real-time information about where vacancies are. We can also use this information to analyze usage levels  to plan for the future.” In addition to the benefits for drivers with disabilities, the system allows local authorities to collect real-time information about the use of available parcels and turnover. These data can be key to planning the provision and deployment of usable space in the future. 

A smart parking system can be implemented as a solution to your parking problem as follows: present and future. You must also provide a way to provide Internet access. Take the utmost care and place it at the heart of your smart parking system planning. Therefore, there are several alternatives to the modernization mechanism. From parking lot installation to smart function implementation. It can be installed effectively, but there are also some very complicated ones. However, implementations should allow drivers to receive up-to-date parking information online. And the rest of the parking space. 

There is a need to solve the city’s parking problem. Fully efficient in real-time with minimal cost. Technology and parking center companies must work together to provide essential parking solutions and help drivers save time and energy. Combination efforts can also provide valuable and valuable analytics to malls, store owners, and the federal government. Scheduling agencies especially for parking spaces. for someone For federal agencies, the introduction of intelligent parking systems can give them a good start. The network can detect, log, collect and store parking violations. necessary evidence. Similarly, through automation, the network issues a ticket and then Notifies intruders in seconds. 

Source : www.areknews.com

The existing parking service is a local-specific service. dimmer Boundaries of closed spaces and  no functions or mechanisms allow customers to park in another nearby garage or use communal mechanisms. This model is easy to operate, but some opportunities have been missed. To help people have a  good parking experience. Parking lot operator Income by using opportunities to implement integrated services What smart parking systems make possible. The future of intelligent parking systems is expected to be promising as the two are linked. Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, and other advanced modern technologies. These techniques are digital transformation of business in the  era of the 4th industrial revolution. V Leverage innovation and the smart parking system of the future to improve your parking system. Increase efficiency by solving problems caused by urbanization. For example, there The ideology of using car park lifts for car park management  is interesting. This is the mechanical process by which a car folds into the available overhead space. Ensure that multiple vehicles occupy the same parking space when stacked Two, three or more layers above or below each other. Therefore, the parking system of the future could be a smart parking system that brings together different players from different industries. In addition, it provides a variety of services. Therefore, the  existing parking rules are: The transition to a modern intelligent parking system is possible.

Author: Diva Maharani | Illustrator: Akbar Nugroho



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