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Smart Living Concept In the 21st Century and Its Technology

The Smart Living concept or commonly known as the smart living concept is a perspective and mindset based on the paradigm of comfort, practicality, and creativity. Not only that but the concept of smart living can also be related to life in a dwelling because in general this concept can also be interpreted as a smart way of living, namely in organizing to planning a good and modern living dwelling.

Not only as a residential concept but smart living can also be said as one of the trends in society that has started to apply the mindset to decision-making in everyday life. Therefore, this concept can be regarded as a lifestyle paradigm that prioritizes the three aspects previously described, namely accuracy, practicality, and creativity. The trend is the right word to encourage the existence or application of this concept because you can already find it in various types of housing, including in Indonesia.

If you are interested in applying the smart living concept to your dream home later, then you need to know the various aspects that you must apply. Not only building a private house, but you can also stretch this concept if you are a developer. Here are the aspects of smart living!

1. Convenience

The first concept that must be applied or you can find in a home with this smart living concept is comfort. This aspect is seen if the owner feels comfortable both in terms of privacy and the surrounding environment. If in a dwelling, this comfort means a condition or condition of the house as desired by the owner.

2. Security

Security is the next aspect that you can find in a residence that carries the concept of smart living. This aspect includes things ranging from a sense of security for the owner and his family, the security of personal belongings, and also the home environment to neighbors who provide a sense of security for you. How? Having a sense of security in your dream home is important, right?

3. Healthy

Not only from the owner’s side but the concept of smart living residence must also be applied to the home. Therefore, the next aspect is health. Starting from the architecture, the shape of the building, ventilation, to the use of glass windows are the main concerns of a residence that carries the concept of smart living. In addition, other things that need to be considered are drainage and garbage disposal so that not only the owner and the dwelling, but the environment also benefits.

4. Efficient and Practical

The last aspect of the smart living residential concept is efficient and practical. Efficient here means that each room has its function and practical here refers to a location that can make it easier for the owner to access various public facilities such as transportation centers and toll roads. But of course, this last aspect is so difficult to apply but it is not impossible to apply it to your dream house because you have got this important information from our article.

This concept can be in the form of integration of various electronic equipment in the workspace/office (such as PC/laptop, Printer, Slide projector, TV, Audio system, Phone/Voice/Fax, and so on) into one product access in the form of Table – desktop socket systems, and/or floor socket systems. To provide a sense of security because it is integrated into fire detection sensors and CCTV as a monitoring or monitoring system for both goods and workers.

Other benefits that can be obtained from the smart-living concept are increasing safety and comfort in the workspace, adding to the aesthetic value of the workspace, increasing the efficiency of electrical energy consumption with a lighting control system in the workspace.

Another concept that we simplified so you have a better understanding of smart living is through these 4 concepts:  

1. Home Automation

Devices that learn habits and behaviors and automatically create the perfect environment anytime, any day of the week, any room. The latest design was exhibited in the heart of the UAE in a single hub that can manage lighting, heating, sound, and visual entertainment for a completely bespoke experience. 

2. Connected house

These focus on connecting the real and digital worlds for greater control. More and more focus is on digital assistants such as Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa, including smart security devices that you can use to check your home on the go, and everyday tools such as a kettle to start cooking. So you can drink tea at any time. Pull him out of work. 

3. Eco House

Smart Tech often requires energy, but it can also save a lot. Luxurious and sustainable design has never been more popular and possible. In addition to the iconic images of grass roofs and tree-lined houses, automatic lighting and heating can save energy without compromising your lifestyle. 

4. Evolutionary design

The ecological design doesn’t have to make a green claim. As architectural expert Eric Vökel points out, the new developments in prefabricated home construction offer uniquely customizable modular properties with space that can be adjusted to suit any lifestyle. 

Realizing the Vision 

Source : 99.co

Of course, none of these concepts exist alone and can be inconsistent or complementary to each other when used together. Think of this as a starting point for your own automation experience, a kind of mood board. As soon as you establish your vision, you can extend and further develop your basic system until you have a fully tuned smart home. When deciding whether to renovate your space, start from the beginning or choose a custom-made prefabricated home. This will determine how well you can integrate the smart living concept. The latter phrase is defined by the operating system of your choice. Before considering a smart assistant, consider whether you need infrastructure from a utility perspective like Hive or an entertainment perspective. In that case, companies like Samsung are leading the way.  

Imagine the future 

Source : koran-jakarta.com

Like other great design projects, the smart living concept is never 100% complete. As soon as you sketch your vision and choose the right platform as the basis, your architecture is ready. But there are always new elements to discover and lifestyle trends to develop. As the smart home is not just “now” but promising, you need to stay up to date to be aware of new developments. Like interior design commentators and our smart home blogs, annual tech shows like CES are a great place to do this.

The tranquility of the soul is an advantage possessed by residents with the concept of smart living. This is because a house with a smart concept has a new definition in describing tranquility in life. The concept of smart living or smart life has now become a new perspective. Carefully curated, practical, and creative are the three main elements that support a smart lifestyle. Ideas that are poured into a charming design, with the value of a better life.

Author: Diva Maharani | Illustrator: Akbar Nugroho



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