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Selling with Copywriting

Source: Three Girls Media

Hello Smart People! Promoting your product or service is ineffective in  getting people to take the final step in making a purchase, either with poorly written language on your website, marketing email, or social media platform. Therefore, it may not always produce the results you want. Can you imagine selling your product with good copywriting? And what exactly is copywriting?

Copywriting is one of the most important elements of  all forms of marketing and advertising. Copywriting is a written or spoken word that marketers use to try to get people to do something after reading or listening. Copywriting is very different from common writing, such as writing articles, blog posts, or other content. Effective copywriting is responsive and increases purchases.

Before the age of the Internet, copywriting was required for about 12 types of marketing materials such as direct mail, postcards, advertisements for newspapers and magazines, TV and radio commercials, brochures, posters, coupons, sales sheets (for sale), etc. Wear the person in charge) and the product. 

Today, the world of copywriting is online as an important component of hundreds  of marketing tools and tactics, including websites, email copies, online articles, social media posts, blogs, online advertising, videos and webinar presentations. increase.

Behind every copy is a copywriter. Copywriters make clear and compelling copies to sell products, attract consumers,  websites, blog posts, product descriptions, email blasts, banner ads, newsletters, white papers, and social media. Demonstrate compelling writing skills on the media platform. 

Most companies hire in-house copywriters or  contract  to help them communicate and grow with the world. One of the most powerful things a copywriter can do is break the reader’s alert with an unexpected approach. There are countless angels in every story. Your job as a copywriter is to find something that resonates.

According to copypress.com, copywriting is a specialized job because businesses will make the best impression on their customers when they put forth content that’s both engaging and grammatically correct. 

It’s important to have a skilled writer on the job because 74% of internet users pay attention to spelling and grammar quality on company websites and 59% will avoid purchasing goods or services from a company with obvious spelling and grammar mistakes.

Understanding your audience and how to connect with them is important for writing effective marketing collateral. You need to be able to approach potential customers and website visitors and show them how they can benefit from a product, service, or website. The best way to do this is to learn everything  about them. 

Many of the companies you work for as copywriters already have some kind of profile for their ideal client. This can be called a buyer profile or  customer avatar or persona. Copywriting has an element of persuasion, but it’s not about manipulating or deceiving people. It’s about establishing a true connection with your prospects and sharing information that can benefit him or her.

Now, don’t you want to improve your copywriting so you can boost the purchases of your item, Smart People?

Author: Mia Patricia | Illustrator: Rizky Sabilurrasyid



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