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Japan’s Aviation Mobility Provider Orders 50 Autonomous Aircraft

Recently, EHang’s two-seater AAV EH216, with the cooperation and support of MASC after its flight debut in June this year, Fukushima and Okayama, Japan. We made a series of demo flights. We also considered the application and practice of AAV solutions in use cases such as cross-island travel, emergency rescue, and aeronautical logistics. 

With many guests and media testimony, the EH216 has successfully completed a flight demonstration of an emergency rescue scenario in  extreme weather events with strong winds of up to 27.5 m / s at the Fukushima Robot Test Field (RTF). In 2019, the Public-Private Council for Japan’s Air Transport Revolution has positioned  Fukushima RTF as a permanent test flight site to achieve  commercial applications for eVTOL in 2023. 

Source : www.nloomberg.com

EHang Holdings Limited (Nasdaq: EH) (“EHang” or “Company”) is the world leader in autonomous aircraft (“AAV”) technology platforms and today  AirX Inc. Japan’s leading  air mobility digital platform company (“AirX”) has placed 50 pre-orders for EH216AAV, the largest pre-order received by EHang  in Japan. 

This reflects the growing industry awareness of EHang’s state-of-the-art autonomous aircraft. The  EH216 AAV pre-order aims to promote various urban air mobility (“UAM”) projects in Japan and  provide “air taxi” services to the 2025 Japan International Exposition in  Kansai, Japan. is. As a leading provider of helicopter service platforms in Japan, AirX has developed and operates a booking platform for over 100 helicopter tourism routes and private helicopter charters. 

Each year, the AirX platform can book over 2,000 helicopter sightseeing flights  and over 200 charter flights across Japan. Since its inception, AirX has served more than 15,000 chartered passengers. Tezuka Kiwamu, Founder and CEO of AirX, said: That’s why AirX chose EHang as a partner in the global eVTOL market.  Huazhi Hu, Founder, Chairman and CEO of EHang, said: “The partnership with AirX is an important milestone in advancing the UAM market. Continue research and development in Japan.  EHang’s safe, autonomous and sustainable urban air mobility solution for the general public.”

About Ehang itself, EHang (Nasdaq: EH) is a global leader in autonomous aircraft (AAV) technology platforms. Our mission is to make safe, autonomous and environmentally friendly air mobility available to everyone. EHang provides  AAV products and commercial solutions to customers in a variety of industries, including air mobility (including passenger transport and logistics), intelligent urban management, and aerial media solutions. As a pioneer in cutting-edge AAV technology and commercial solutions in the global urban air mobility (UAM) industry, EHang continues to explore the limits of the sky to harness flight technology for life in smart cities. For more information, please visit www.ehang.com.  

Safe Harbor Declaration 

This press release contains statements that may constitute a “future outlook” statement under the US Safe Harbor Principles. The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements are “planned,” “expected,” “anticipated,” “goal,” “future,” “intention,” “plan,” “believe,” “estimate,” and “possible.” It can be identified by terms such as “high”. And similar statements. Management has created a statement of these future prospects based  on  current expectations, assumptions, estimates, and forecasts. They believe that these expectations, assumptions, estimates and forecasts are reasonable, but such forward-looking statements are merely forecasts, including known and unknown risks and uncertainties, many of which. Is beyond the control of management. 

These statements include risks and uncertainties that  EHang’s actual results, performance, or outcomes may differ materially from the future outcomes, performances, or outcomes expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. Gender is included. As a newly launched deployment site specially designed and developed for the EHang AAV, the 5G Intelligent Air Mobility Experience Center covers an area of ​​2,000 square meters and features a rooftop takeoff and landing vertical port and a  charging hangar. 

Maintenance is installed. Equipped with a 5G telecom network, it relies on EHang’s command and control system platform to enable test runs of EH216, Falcon B, and other eVTOL models for a variety of UAM and smart city management applications. In addition, the 5G Intelligent Air Mobility Experience Center is integrated with a parking lot for automated guided vehicles, providing a convenient infrastructure for future car and air travel seamless  travel experiences. 

EHang and GDDCI have established this joint venture with the 5G Intelligent Air Mobility Experience Center to build local UAM route planning and AAV operations.  UAM mapping across four major areas of Guangzhou’s Huangpu District has planned and tested several operational routes for human transport, aerial tourism, aeronautical logistics, intelligent city management and more. 

Source : www.evtol.com 

Guangzhou is EHang’s first global urban flight mobility pilot city, and the 5G Intelligent Air Mobility Experience Center is the latest deployment site under the 100 Air Mobility Route Initiative. They use world-leading AAV technology and Command and Control systems to provide intelligent and comprehensive urban air mobility and intelligent urban management solutions in Guangzhou. They plan to develop Guangzhou into a model city for unaccompanied minors and expand it to other cities across the country and around the world.

So how was it, smart people? Do you think the development of EHANG would be great if it was applied in Indonesia?

Author: Diva Maharani | Illustrator: Akbar Nugroho



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