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H&M denied plans for the Metaverse store, and Ceek’s collaboration “at the moment”

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Lasted two days with a clear flirtation with the H & M Metaverse. This week began with reports that a global fast-fashion retailer has partnered with CEEK to sell virtual fashion in the Metaverse. As of Wednesday, H & M denied the report, but a Swedish fashion giant spokesman was curious and distracted, saying, “I would like to make sure that H & M is not currently in the Metaverse. I haven’t cooperated with CEEK either. `At the moment`, that fairly straightforward sentence left enough skin in the game to continue the conspiracy theory. 

So what’s the real story? All started on Monday, with reports  from India  that H & M announced via CEEK City that it would offer  customers a 3D shopping experience at Metaverse’s virtual stores. 

Source : www.suara.com

CEEK Metaverse Coin Project 


What is CEEK? Launched in 2018, CEEK is a Metaverse coin project based on the Ethereum blockchain that “connects digital content artists, athletes and other  creators directly with  fans of the virtual world.” CEEK’s NFT Marketplace is designed to enable real ownership of digital currencies, global payments, and digital items that host applications across multiple digital realities. 


CEEK’s virtual reality room runs on smart contracts via Binance Smart Chain, and CEEK coins have a fully diluted market capitalization of just over USD $ 700 million. More than  744 million CEEK coins are offered and the maximum offer is limited to 1 billion. 

After launching at about 4 cents a year ago, it temporarily peaked at $ 1.16 and now is  trading at about $ 0.60. Operated in 75 markets with nearly H & M-5,000 stores and 53 online presence, the official CEEK Twitter account regained rumors on Wednesday after tweeting tweets from the 7th Concept VR Store.


CEEK’s official Twitter account revealed on Monday: “The CEEK Metaverse H & M store is just a concept  presented to H & M, not a real virtual store. We’re talking to H & M people  to make this happen, but that’s not the reality so far. 

H & M sales recovered in the previous quarter, the news shows that H & M turned up after 18 months of rocky months as stores around the world faced closures and restrictions in the wake of the pandemic. 


Last month, H & M announced that sales in local currency from September to November were at pre-pandemic levels, with H & M’s fourth-quarter net sales up 8% year-on-year to $ 6.22 billion. Did. When measured in local currency, sales increased by 11%. 


“Despite the ongoing restrictions and negative effects of the pandemic, H & M Group sales in local currencies have returned to Q4 2019 levels,” the company’s statement said. “Customers value their collections and show where, when and how they can shop.” 


At the end of November, about 115 H & M branches were temporarily closed due to regulations, mainly in Austria and Slovakia. I did. At the beginning of the quarter, about 100 were closed, mainly in Southeast Asia. XRCentral co-founder Anshul Agarwal said Metaverse will continue to be the next major revolution in changing the way businesses communicate, work and sell. “This is a big revolution like railroads and electricity in the late 19th century, like the web (Internet) in the late 20th century,” he added.  

Source : www.twitter.com

The biggest advantage of the Metaverse H & M Store is that you have 24-hour access to the store. CEEK later revealed on Twitter: “Hello Ceekers, as stated in the post below, the Ceek Metaverse H & M store is just a concept  presented to H & M, not a real virtual store. We are discussing with the H & M people  to make this happen, but this is not yet a reality. H & M is not currently open in the Metaverse. It is not affiliated with CEEK. 


As the Metaverse  concept grows from a futuristic niche  idea to the  online world of next-generation luxury brands,  new research raises consumer hope and fear for the virtual realm advertised as the latest version of the Internet. According to a survey, 57% of consumers believe that the metaverse plays an important role  in addressing the social problems caused by pandemics, while 46% of consumers believe that the future metaverse will play a role.

CEEK is an Ethereum-based metaverse token that connects artists, sports, and other digital content providers directly with their audience in virtual environments. The NFT Marketplace from CEEK will allow true ownership of digital objects to transfer via numerous digital reality environments in the Metaverse, which holds digital currency, worldwide payments, and applications.

The fact that the metaverse H&M store is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, will undoubtedly have a favorable influence on the company’s top line and brand equity. So what do you think, smart people? would you come and see metaverse and ceek city in the first row?

Author: Diva Maharani | Illustrator: Akbar Nugroho



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