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Flutter Developer, Have You Heard About This Role?

Sumber: Tim van der Kuip, Unsplash

If you’ve heard of Flutter, you’ve probably heard of it in the context of mobile app development, and it’s been gaining popularity at a breakneck pace since its stable release in 2018. Flutter is a portable UI toolkit from Google that allows you to create attractive, natively built mobile, web, and desktop apps from a single codebase. Flutter is free and open-source, and it works with existing code. It is utilized by developers and organizations all over the world.

Flutter is a cross-platform framework that enables Flutter app developers to create great Android and iOS applications. Flutter may also be used for backend development and desktop app development, allowing you to construct an app that works across platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and others.

Flutter is now being used by businesses to create iOS and Android apps. Flutter saves them money because they just have to create an app once, and it will function on both platforms while maintaining the development logic and native experience. The bulk of other cross-platform frameworks does not have this capability.

Flutter is commonly used to design mobile apps and their Web counterparts. To create effectively often involves working on large teams and following the modern development paradigms. Therefore, if you want to hire Flutter developers, they must:

1. Have a basic understanding of Agile development and why it is necessary

Agile is the industry standard for software development and the preferred method of most developers. If your engineers are unfamiliar with Agile, they may take longer to provide results or to adjust to changes in requirements.

2. Why Readable Code Matters for Flutter

Code does not exist in a vacuum; even if something works now, it may not in the future. You won’t be able to maintain or update the code if it’s knotted up like spaghetti and no one knows how its methods work. As a result, any developer must be able to write understandable, well-documented code.

3. Why Flutter Developers Need to Optimize Their Code

Because the majority of Flutter apps run on iOS and Android devices, their performance must be balanced against low-powered mobile CPUs and short battery life. Simultaneously, Google and Apple promote fluid and seamless interfaces with lots of animation. As a result, a delicate balancing act is required, and code optimization is an essential talent.

Flutter is a brand-new SDK that includes its proprietary programming language, Dart. And the relative newness helps to level the playing field for developers with different backgrounds. As a result, the list of skills required for Flutter development is short:

  1. Knowledge of (and excitement for) Flutter
  2. Experience in Android and/or iOS development
  3. Experience with version control tools like Git

Flutter is a good choice for developers looking to deploy to many platforms – web, mobile, and even tablet – from a single codebase due to its versatility. Flutter, for example, enables frontend developers to finish multi-platform applications considerably more quickly and with less redundancy. A single codebase not only implies less effort but also means less room for errors and inconsistencies.

Author: Mia Patricia | Illustrator: Rizky Sabilurrasyid



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