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Citiasia to Commend Indonesian Regions With ‘Smart’ Award

JakartaGlobe. The Citiasia Center for Smart Nation on Thursday revealed the names of Indonesian districts, cities and provinces to have made the nominees list for the Indonesia Smart Nation Award, or ISNA.

Districts up for the award include Bandung in West Java, Badung in Bali, and Mukomuko in Bengkulu.

Cities up for nomination are: Semarang, Central Java; Yogyakarta; Blitar, East Java; and Jakarta.

Provinces on the list include Aceh and Bangka Belitung.

All of these regions scored high on the Indonesia Smart Region Maturity Index.

“Through the Indonesia Smart [Region] Maturity Index, we can get the big picture of Indonesia’s index score as a smart nation,” ISNA judge Eko Indrajit, said on Thursday.

He also added that the index can help regions  improve their achievements, saying: “The index can serve as indicators and recommendations for them [the regions] in order to take initiatives in development.”

In detail, the Indonesia Smart Region Maturity Index is measured by two indexes: the smart readiness index and smart region index.

The smart readiness index is measured by five dimensions: natural resources, structures, infrastructures, suprastructure and culture.

The smart region index is measured by: smart governance, smart branding, smart living, smart society and smart environment.

All the indexes measure the regions based on data published by various agencies, including ministries, regional governments, analyses from 72 national and local printed media and analyses from 100 online media outlets.

“Citiasia uses a method called ‘big data analytic’ that allows us to work on a lot of information quickly and accurately,” Citiasia founder and chairman Cahyana Ahmadijayadi said in a press conference in Jakarta on Thursday.

The award ceremony will take place on Oct. 20 at JS Luwansa Hotel in South Jakarta.


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