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3D IoT LiDAR solution for smart cities announced at CES 2022

Quanergy’s solutions include smart mobility, retail flow management analysis, building occupancy management, and boundary intrusion detection. “The future of smart cities begins with Quanergy. Quanergy’s 3D LiDAR flow management solutions provide the exact real-time data needed for mission-critical applications to automate suboptimal actions and improve people’s lives and safety. By improving, we are revolutionizing the IoT market,” said Kevin Kennedy, CEO of Quanergy. 

Quanergy will be demonstrating a 3D LiDAR smart city flow management solution that includes: 

1. OpticalPhasedArray (OPA) Station

Quanergy represents a major innovation for groundbreaking 100% solid presentations and demonstrations. A CMOS LiDAR sensor designed to enable mass production of low-cost and reliable 3D LiDAR solutions. 

2. Smart Mobility Station

In collaboration with iCent, KETI, and EKOS ENC, Quanergy presents LiDAR sensors to Mseries and the 3D perception software Qortex DTC™, enabling intelligent navigation of electric vehicle (EV) charging robots. When it comes to building transportation, infrastructure plays a  role in all smart cities. 

3. Retail Flow Management Analytics

In collaboration with Digital Mortar, Quanergy provides live demos for monitoring and analyzing visitor flows. This includes the flow of incoming and outgoing traffic and the length of time spent at a particular station. This real-time data provides  retailers with valuable insights to optimize their shopping experience and increase sales while avoiding the risks of PII. 

4. Occupancy Management (People Counting)

Based on Quanergy’s Solidstate LiDAR technology, the QORTEX People Counting demo monitors and controls room occupancy limits  while protecting personal privacy. This solution provides unmatched recognition accuracy  for different traffic patterns of both indoor and outdoor people while protecting personal privacy. 

5. Advanced Security Solution Station

MQ8 and QORTEX DTC ™ security solutions enable real-time analysis for intruder detection, tracking, and classification. The platform provides native integration with major video management systems such as Milestone and Genetec to create a complete solution that enables rapid response to security breaches while significantly reducing costly false positives. 

Source : eenewsautomotive.com

Mobile Surveillance Solution with Integrated 3D LiDAR Technology You can use Quanergy’s mobile solution anywhere to secure remote locations in collaboration with Securitas. This is an affordable and flexible security solution for areas with limited infrastructure. 3D-LiDAR provides extremely high accuracy and reduces false alarms by more than 95%. 

The Lidar has grown significantly in use cases as well as self-driving cars. According to ABI Research, the installation base of LIDAR sensors outside  the automobile market is projected to reach 16 million units by 2030. 

In 2021, LIDAR is a major driver in other markets as it is incorporated into smart cities for people counting, traffic management, highway speed detection, animal tracking, indoor mapping, safe location monitoring  and more. Quanergy’s Lidar is used for smart mobility, retail flow management analysis, building occupancy management, and boundary intrusion detection. 

Quanergy unveiled a 100% solid-state CMOS LIDAR sensor that enables mass production of 3D LIDAR solutions at CES this week in Las Vegas. In the field of intelligent mobility, Quanergy is working with iCent, Keti and Ekos to enable intelligent navigation of charging robots. The company claims to play an important role in building the transportation infrastructure of intelligent cities. 

In retail flow management, Quanergy announced that it has partnered with Digital Mortar to monitor visitors in the doorway areas of specific stations. Real-time data helps retailers provide insights to optimize their shopping experience and drive sales. 

Quanergy has announced a demonstration of solid-state LIDAR monitoring and collecting data on room occupancy  while protecting privacy. Finally, a security solution that enables real-time analysis to detect, track and classify intruders. 

With the help of  energy reports generated by the IoT Energy Management System, you can see what parts of the cycle, in  which areas of the company and production lines, are  potential energy wastes. Create an appropriate energy-saving plan and save costs. 

Source : www.geospatialworld.net

Quanergy’s mission is to improve people’s experience and safety by creating powerful and affordable intelligent LiDAR solutions for automotive and IoT applications. Quanergy has developed the only true 100% solid-state CMOS LiDAR sensor based on Optical Phased Array (OPA) technology, enabling mass production of low-cost and reliable 3D LiDAR solutions.  

Quanergy’s intelligent LiDAR solutions enable enterprises to leverage  advanced real-time 3D insights to transform their operations in a wide range of industries including industrial automation, physical security, smart cities, and smart spaces. 

With a 360 degree field of view, Quanergy’s MSeries LiDAR sensors provide comprehensive 3D perception with an accuracy of over 95 ° in all ambient conditions, day and night. The rugged sensor is protected from environmental impacts up to IP69K and has a mean time between failures (MTBF) of over 60,000 hours  for reliable operation in outdoor applications.

Author: Diva Maharani | Illustrator: Akbar Nugroho



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